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Currently, in the agricultural sector specially developed feed additives are increasingly used in feeding animals. They are added to feed or water in the diet of animals and poultry to provide them with all necessary nutrients, minerals and also to increase the energy value of feed.

Feed additives are presented by:

Proteins are necessary for animals and birds, for their full development, maximum indexes of the gain and output, high resistance to various diseases. The complete protein supply is near-impossible using only food. That is why the insertion of feed additives to animal food particularly amino acids is an optimum alternative.

Amino acids belong to the group of food additives corresponded to the nutrient saturation of the feed. They are produced by chemical or microbial processes and are safety for use in the livestock industry. They are often released in liquid or solid form (powder or granules).

Selection of the amino acid and its dosage depends on many factors. It can be the animal variety, genetic predisposition, the feeding material and others.

Amino acids used as feed additives are the following:

L-lysine hydrochloride improves the digestion processes, increases the biological value of vegetable protein and feed and takes an active part in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and other important processes.

L-threonine is an essential amino acid which supports an optimal protein metabolism and it is actively involved in the metabolism of fats in the combination with methionine. It is mostly used as a feed additive for pigs.

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Amino acids should be stored in a dry ventilated department. The liquid description of amino acids expects the storage in a dark place in the dark glass containers.

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