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Betaine is an amino acid largely contained in seafood (crabs), some types of slugs, sugar beets, cereals, wine and spinach. It is a derived from trimethylglycine, it is called as trimethylamine acetic acid or simply "inner salt". This substance plays an important role in human and animal bodies; it appears as the "donor" of methyl groups as well as participating in the reactions of transmethylation.

Thanks to its specific properties betaine is widely used by people in many industries such as food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. This amino acid promotes food digestion and absorption that is why it can be found in the composition of many drugs and dietary supplements. Betaine perfectly protects the digestive organs from the negative effects of various kinds.

In the agriculture betaine is used as a dietary additive designed to improve the nutritional quality of feed and to increase animals and poultry appetite. For instance, 0.2-2 kg per ton of ready-made feed is a rate of amino acids introduction into the pig food. Betaine (hygroscopic crystalline colorless powder almost without smell and taste) is also added into the fishing bait (for example, carp) to increase the growth rate of individuals.

Betaine by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine is always a high quality product for further use in the above mentioned industries. Our customers can be sure in the excellent properties of this drug, particularly in its hygroscopicity. Betaine manufacturers carefully monitored the applying of the flowing agent during the generation process.

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