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The effective development of the livestock industry depends on many factors. Disregard for at least one of them can lead to the recession of growth rates and the productivity level. It is widely-known that a correctly formatted diet is the key to the full development of farm animals. Quality feeds, the usage of vitamins, mineral additives and others are important here.

All feeds are divided into the next chapters:

  • succulent feeds
  • rough feeds
  • concentrates
  • animal feeds
  • mineral feeds
  • vitamins and premixes

Such animal feed as milk and dairy products are often used. It is especially subjected to the youngsters’ feeding when whole milk can increase the weight gain. However the use of milk is not profitable so industries successfully offer for farmers milk derivative products and substitutes. By their content they maximum correspond to milk in the chemical composition but are significantly cheaper that helps reduce animal feed costs.

Whole milk substitutes include dry substitutes of skimmed milk feed mixtures made from buttermilk, powdered and liquid whey of skimmed milk.

All these products contain required vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. The proper usage of dairy products leads to a rapid animals’ growth and increasing of annual production output.

Purchasing dairy products by the Agrocapital Ukraine you create favorable conditions for the full development of your farm. We sell only high quality products while our prices are pleasantly surprise.

You can safely rely on the highest results if the process of feeding of cattle youngsters, pigs and piglets is rational and provided with all necessary materials.

The Agrocapital Ukraine provides the delivery of dairy products throughout Ukraine and abroad that avoiding the problem of finding the transport operator. Choosing us you make a wise choice!

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