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The proper animals and poultry feeding is an integral part of the successful development of agricultural and livestock industries. What is a proper feeding? It is not only prescription selected quality food, enriched with essential elements; it is also their maximum assimilation by animals. Enzymes are necessary for speeding up biochemical processes in the body, food digestibility and accessibility.

Enzymes are proteins consisting of the amino acid chains and molecular compounds. There are more than 300 types of enzymes.

For what purposes are enzymes needed in animal food? First of all, they are necessary for animals and birds maximum nutrients gaining. And not just to get them, but also to adopt. By using enzymes the biochemical reactions speed increases hundreds times. In addition, animal food sometimes not fully suitable for feeding is digested with the help of enzymes too.

Animal body produces enzymes itself, but their number is extremely small, so the efficiency of the digestive process does not exceed 10%. Besides, enzymes favor for reducing the amount of animal wastes, thereby helping the environment.

Industries are constantly improving the production process of enzymes thus supporting farmers to meet all animals’ needs completely without increasing feed costs.

Currently the Agrocapital Ukraine sells enzymes by the leading manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Summing up we can say usage of enzymes helps:

  • improve the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates
  • increase the activity of own digestive enzymes
  • elevate economic performance
  • extract useful substances more favorable
  • reduce the number of infectious diseases and antibiotics requirement
  • minify the droppings level
  • enhance the productivity without changing the diet

The following claims are made for enzymes used in the livestock industry:

  • compliance with minerals and vitamins as well as with other material ingredients
  • maintenance of their activity during storage
  • safety and easy to use
  • combination with feed by the product form

The LLC Agrocapital Ukraine provides the delivery of enzymes throughout Ukraine and abroad. Dealing with us you buy high quality production corresponded to all norms and standards of this type of feed additives.

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