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The farmers have been widely using feed acidifiers in the farm animals (mostly pigs) and poultry cultivation for a long time. What is it and why do experienced owners pay great attention to these drugs?

Feed acidifiers have a number of invaluable properties positively affecting the food quality, its digestibility and, consequently, the increasing of dressed weight.

Firstly, by the acidifier addition into the feed the pH level is reducing and pathogenic microflora is also destroying (salmonella, E-coli). For this purpose, formic, acetic and sorbic acids are introducing into the drug.

Secondly, feed acidifier should be examined as an antifungal agent contributing to the prevention of mycotoxins which is very important especially for the youngsters. The combination of benzoic, sorbic and propionic acids brings better results.

The normalization of the animal and poultry digestive tract, the optimal development of the small intestine villi, the colonization of beneficial microflora happen thanks to feed acidifiers. Such their components as lactic, citric and butyric acids are responsible for these functions. Malic acid helps to absorb feed better and thus brings maximum benefit for animal health.

Feed acidifiers by the Agrocapital Ukraine contain all above-mentioned components; their quantitative content is clearly reflected on the package, so our customers can safely purchase the drug and further boast of high-quality product in the form of a double dressed weight without any exaggeration.

Feed acidifiers by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine have many advantages in comparison with other companies production, in addition all technical standards are observed during its producing, high quality specialized equipment is used and prices pleasantly surprise with theirs availability.

The Agrocapital Ukraine keeps lead in the agricultural market for a long time so you can trust us your business. We are happy to deliver feed acidifiers anywhere in Ukraine and abroad.

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