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These fodders are produced by the PJSC MHP – the largest producer in Ukraine. The best fodder prices and the best quality are guaranteed. The Agrocapital Ukraine provides fodder delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad. Fodder prices for the purchase are discussed individually with each customer. 

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The livestock and poultry sectors are among the leading branches of agriculture in Ukraine. The successful development of these industries is possible in the only case of proper organization of animals and poultry feeding process. Combined feed is more often used as all-in-one feed.

Combined feed – a prescription formulated blend of grain raw with a high content of microelements, proteins and vitamins designed for livestock and poultry feeding.

The advantages of fodder using:

  • explicit saving of food resources
  • opportunity to give forms for food suitable for animal feeding
  • high quality of manufactured products (milk, eggs, meat, fur)
  • high performance
  • resistance to infections and diseases

The following components are used for fodder producing:

  • cereal crops
  • protein sources
  • macro and microelements
  • vegetable oil

Cereal crops are used as the fodder base and it is at approximately 60-65% production. The most common used crops are:

Using grain legumes are: peas, beans, soy.

Protein sources: soybean meal, sunflower meal, soybean cake, etc.

Fodder mills produce formula feed of the following kinds: all-in-one feed, fodder-concentrates, feed mixtures.

Fodders differ by shapes:

  • crumbled fodders
  • pellet fodders
  • briquetted fodders

The Agrocapital Ukraine sells fodders produced by MHP group on unique European equipment. They meet all requirements of the standard GOST. The LLC Agrocapital Ukraine fodder prices are popular and favourable. The company also provides fodder delivery above Ukraine cooperating with customers.

To choose fodder – choose the Agrocapital Ukraine. 

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