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Oil plants are widely used in different spheres of industry. Not only grains found their application. So, meal is used in the producing of livestock fodders.

Meal is the product of oilseeds passed thorough grinding after fat extraction. It is a byproduct of oil extraction production process. It contains a large amount of vegetable protein which is ideal for animal feeding.

According to the type of materials used in producing meal can be:

Besides protein meal contains fiber, vitamins E and B, phosphorus and other minerals necessary for nutrition, growth and development of animals and birds.

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The most popular kind of this fodder component is soybean meal. It determines the price of meal in the world market. That is its price that influences on the price formation of other types of meal.

Ukraine makes world's top three for the production of sunflower meal. It is consumed around 400 thousand tons of produced meal on the domestic market.

According to the description (finishing) meals can be:

  • bulk (non-pelleted)
  • pelleted

Pelleted meal is the most convenient form of description. Pelleted meal eases the process of packaging, storage and product transportation. In the case meal has been under heat therapy the word "toasted" is added to its name.

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