Monopropylene Glycol

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The inescapable fact is that the correct animals’ feeding influences on the efficiency of whole livestock sector. High growth rates and productivity can only be obtained with the full development and health indicators. Choosing the right compound diet you can face certain problems such as the high cost of feed materials, difficulties with transportation and storage time, digestibility by animals and so on. Industrial feed additives come to relief here.

One of the feed additive component is a chemical monopropylene glycol (synonyms: propylene glycol, 1,2 propanediol and food additive E1520). Monopropylene glycol is a viscous colorless liquid with slight smell and sweetish taste. The usage of this component is safe for both the livestock industry and the food industry. Monopropylene glycol is a solvent and a preservative for feeds and it also retains moisture in the food.

Monopropylene glycol has been successfully used for the treatment cattle for ketosis and liver acidosis. Ketosis is the animals’ metabolic disease occurs in the case of the disorder of fats processing in the liver on the background of insufficient carbohydrates amount. It mostly appears during the first 10-30 days after calving. It is occurring such processing as the accumulation of ketone bodies and the involvement of liver, heart, kidneys and other organs. Ketosis is the most common disease in the dairy cattle husbandry. Liver acidosis is a shift of the acid-base balance of the body to the increasing acidity direction. As a result, animals suffer from diarrhea and intoxication that adversely affects the health and can lead to death.

Product forms of monopropylene glycol are:

  • dry
  • liquid

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