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Oil cake is a byproduct which is gained by extraction of vegetable oil from residues of oilplant seeds. It is used as concentrated fodder for farm animals, and it is also one of fodder components.

It contains a lot of vegetable protein, so it is ideal feed for every animal. It is included in the diet of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. Oil cake is a high-energy and highly nutritious food because of its high fat content.

Due to its materials oil cakes are:

Oil cake contains vegetable oils and necessary amino acids therefore when it is set to food other vegetable oils are excluded. There are also certain restrictions on oil cake setting into animal diet on account of negative effect on milk, butter and cheese.

You can buy oil cake of high quality and at a reasonable price from the Agrocapital Ukraine which sells fodders, cereals and oilplants, as well as their derivative products.

Soybean oil cake and sunflower oil cake are the most widespread oil cakes in the farming.

Sunflower oil cake is often included in the diet, partly because of its lower price compared to soybean oil cake. In ground form it is not stored for a long time due to its highly hygroscopic, after wetting it decomposes into glycerin and acids and it has a very unpleasant smell.

Soybean oil cake is mainly used in fodder production. It is perfect source of such important acids as lysine, tryptophan and glycine for animal growth and development. Thanks to its amino acid composition it closely approximates to the feed of the animal origin.

A combination of high quality of products and low costs for its acquisition is an important factor for the complete economic development. Production by the Agrocapital Ukraine combines all these requirements.

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