Pellet Binders

The fodder pellet binders by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of the pellet binders throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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To achieve the density of the fodders consistency for farm animals, poultry and fish, experts have developed a drug that binds the pellet together. Thanks to the guar gum and calcium sulfate included in the feed additive composition the binders of fodder pellet is careful and without affecting their taste.

The positive properties of the fodder pellet binders surely include, firstly, the safety of all vitamins and enzymes contained in the feed. Secondly, it is the qualitative improvement of granules as they are more solid. Thirdly, the pellet binders prevent the dusting and generally contributes the product hygienics.

Zoocultural rates are significantly being improving thanks to the pellet binders makes them integrity, preserving all of feed composition components, so animals and poultry get a balanced and high-quality food, well digesting it and thus growing and gaining.

Ordering the pellet binders by the Agrocapital Ukraine you will be pleasantly surprised with its price as it is more than available. You also won’t doubt about the additive quality because our company values its reputation and cooperate only with well-known producers. Our company provides the delivery of the pellet binders both throughout Ukraine and abroad.

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