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Enzymes play an important role in the animal feeding. Enzymes are special proteins act as catalysts (substances changing the speed of biochemical processes).

Enzymes help animals digest food better obtaining the maximum amount of useful and necessary elements of the food. Their usage also allows gaining higher performance and productivity without changing diet and increasing expenditures.

Exactly enzymes are responsible for the removal of dead cells, poisons and toxins from the body. They represent the basis of the existence of any organism. Enzyme drugs come to help farmers as there is a negligible quantity of enzymes in the animal body. One of these drugs is Phytase Quantum Blue.

Phytase is a group of enzymes relates to such subclass as phosphatases. It is the most used feed enzyme in the world. 90% poultry feed and about 70% pigs feed are saturated with it. Current Phytase drugs help enrich feed with available phosphorus, amino acids and energy.

The Agrocapital Ukraine offers Phytase Quantum Blue met all requirements for this drug class. Phytase promotes the uptake of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids not only for poultry and animals, but for fish as well. It is well-known, exactly phosphorus and calcium are the key to a strong skeleton and body; they are also responsible for appetite, growth and development. The norm of the feed addition is a dose of 100-150 g/t of ready-made feed.

Our company provides the delivery of Phytase Quantum Blue throughout Ukraine and abroad. Please contact us and we will help select the optimal preparations necessary for the full animals development.

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