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In recent times, both home and foreign scientists have proved that feed farmers can significantly improve their performance, productivity, and, consequently, increase income items of their farming by the special additive introducing into the farm animals and poultry. Premixes are exactly such additives.

Premixes are vitamin-mineral complexes, containing all the essential vitamins and elements. They are produced in the form of powdered concentrated blends with the filler. The mixture contains vitamins A, D, E, K, C and vitamins B complex, iron, copper, iodine, cobalt, magnesium, sulfur, antioxidants, feed antibiotics, etc. All these components help animals obtain maximum benefit from the feed and also increase resistance to diseases and other negative environmental factors.

History of the premixes goes back in the 50s, when necessary vitamin and mineral components were added to feeds. In the 70-s they were enriched with antibiotics, enzymes and amino acids. Since then, the constantly developed industry improves additives, allowing extracting the greatest benefit from their usage.

Premixes are classified according to:

  • composition
  • purpose
  • concentration

By their composition premixes are divided in amino acid, mineral and complex ones. By their purpose – in productive (increasing indexes of animal and poultry productivity), treatment and prevention premixes.

Bran, chalky flour, grain and its proceeding products, cake, meal, etc. are premixes fillers. Additional premix elements are enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, flavorings and antibiotics.

Buying premixes by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine you can be sure of high quality production and affordable prices.

The component premix composition depends on the bird or animal species, theirs age and productivity and can varies during feeding process.

Properly selected premix recipe will allow:

  • enhancing immunity and animal stress resistance
  • creating favorable conditions for the development of the digestive tract, organs and body systems
  • increasing the productivity
  • reducing feed costs

The Agrocapital Ukraine delivers premixes throughout Ukraine and abroad, creating comfortable business conditions.

High quality premixes specially adapted for particular animal and bird species are produced, taking into account such characteristics as their age and field activity.

Our company offers products by only approved producers so you can be confident in their efficiency and safety.

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