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The livestock and poultry require the high-quality feed for its full development, this feed must satisfy all the needs in essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Vegetable foods which are often used in the agricultural sector are poor on these important elements, so the animals can incur deficit which reflects in the falling of milk production, growth rate and efficiency.

In the animal body protein accomplishes three functions: construction, energy and biological functions.

The construction function is supplying of all tissues, organs and muscles with necessary amount of material for the synthesis of the organism proteins.

The energy function is supplying protein as an energy source. Though fats and carbohydrates are a great source of energy in the animal diets.

The biological function is that proteins are components of enzymes and hormones and they are involved in accelerating the biochemical processes and regulate metabolism in cells.

Prepared protein additives, vitamin and mineral supplements are ready to help. Proteins take the most important place in the animal diet, perhaps. Not in vain the word "protein" is translated from the Greek as "the first". Proteins are simple and complex proteins. Simple proteins are present in cereals and complex proteins – in herbal.

Protein concentrates (oil plants meal and oil cakes), fishmeal, meat meal, dried blood, as well as dairy products are used as a protein supplement in the livestock, especially for pigs and poultry.

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