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The proper and full nutrition is an important factor affecting the performance in the livestock industry. But farmers are often faced with the fact that the food is affected by external negative factors, for example, humidity and air temperature creating favorable conditions for the development of mold fungi. Mostly these fungi infect barley, wheat, sorghum, soy, millet, oats and other legumes. The danger is that mold fungi releases mycotoxins that can cause food poisoning, CNS and other critical organs involvement.

Mycotoxins are chemical substances secreted by mold fungi. They cause an aversion to food, indigestion and adversely affect the animals and poultry. Namely such special feed additives as toxins adsorbents help farmers in these cases. They neutralize poisons and reduce the toxicity level in the feeding. Properly selected adsorbent quickly connects toxic substances in a strong bond that hits the animal body and gets out them with feces preventing harm to the animal.

There is a number of requirements adsorbents must comply with:

  • used adsorbent must be of proven quality
  • efficiency is achieved even at low doses
  • activity is applicable to a wide range of mycotoxins
  • neutralizing toxins regardless of their number in the body
  • high speed action.

Buying toxins adsorbent by the Agrocapital Ukraine you make a wise choice. Exactly we present a high quality product at the reasonable price.

It is impossible to underestimate the presence of mycotoxins in the food as they reduce the productivity, feeding efficiency, immune defense and lead to serious illness. The usage of modern tools such as toxins adsorbents to fight with them also allows eliminating the appearance of mycotoxicosis (poisoning) and supporting the animal production under periodic mold fungi damages.

It is worthwhile to say that the Agrocapital Ukraine provides the delivery of toxins adsorbents either throughout Ukraine or abroad.

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