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Vegetable oils are products which are taken from plant components by pressing and they consist of triglycerides of fatty acids and other substances (waxes, sterols, fatty acids, etc.).

The following are used as materials:

  • oilseeds – sunflower, soybean, flax, hemp, etc
  • fruits of oil plants – palm, olives
  • nuts – cedar, walnut, pistachio, almond, macadamia
  • by-products produced during the processing of vegetable materials (buds of wheat and rice, apricot and grape stones, seeds of pumpkin, silver-fir and sea buckthorn)

Vegetable oils are divided by:

  • origin
  • consistency
  • fatty acids content

According to the consistency vegetable oils can be:

Vegetable oils can be got in two ways:

  • pressing
  • extraction

Pressing is a mechanical oil pressure of plant components. The pressing can be cold and hot.

Vegetable oil got by cold pressing method is the most useful. Extra virgin also contains all necessary vitamins and has a pronounced flavor. The only disadvantage is a short expiry date of this oil.

Extraction is a process of oil extraction by organic solvents. It's the most economically sound.

Depending on the purification method vegetable oils are the following:

  • unrefined (purification done only from mechanical impurities by filtration or clarifying)
  • hydrated (purification performed with hot water passed through the oil spray)
  • refined (purification from mechanical impurities by alkali)
  • deodorized (treated with a hot dry steam)

Depending on the type vegetable oils are stored at the temperature not higher than 18 degrees for the period of 2–4 months.

The most common types of vegetable oils are sunflower, soybean, olive and flax.

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