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Feed additives play an important role in the preparation of all-in-one diet for feeding farming animals and poultry. Quite often, plant feed contains insufficient number of necessary substances for the animal development, rates of growth and productivity. Feed additives also include vitamins.

Vitamins are various organic compounds of simple structure and diverse chemical nature. They are grouped as a part of meal on the basis of indisputable necessity for the body. Vitamins help improve the body's resistance to infections, diseases, speedy recovery, but their deficiency causes disruption of organs and systems functions.

Vitamins are required in small amounts, sometimes in hundredths of a milligram per day, but exactly these hundredths help to get high yield of milk, good development, full reproduction and offspring as opposed to amino acids, fats and minerals.

Vitamin B is the most valuable for animals and birds. That is the lack of it brings about hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis. Hypovitaminosis arises in the case of inadequate intake of vitamins in the daily diet. Avitaminosis is in the case the vitamin isn't consumed for a long period or the lack in it is too critical.

Buying vitamins by the Agrocapital Ukraine you provide a full animal fortified food, and this, in turn, have a positive impact on your business. This is a combination of traditions, high quality and reasonable prices. The delivery of vitamins in Ukraine and abroad will significantly reduce your costs.

The vitamins peculiarity resides in the necessity of their constant adding to the food because they can't accumulate in the body and so they need systematic inserting.

Each package must be labeled and stored in a dry shadowed ventilated place.

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